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What You Should Know Before Using CBD as a Pre-Workout Supplement

What You Should Know Before Using CBD as a Pre-Workout Supplement

Cannabis supplements, especially CBD-rich hemp extracts, have made their way into gym bags all around the world. Many users, including a number of professional athletes, have reported favorable results while taking CBD products as a fitness supplement. However, many people continue to have concerns. 

For example, with so many CBD tinctures for sale online, which is the best recipe for people who prioritize exercise in their lives? Aside from traditional CBD oil tinctures, what other items can be beneficial to fitness lovers and athletes?

Finally, when should such things be used? 

Many people think of CBD products primarily as post-workout solutions to alleviate pain from strenuous workouts. However, there is a rising movement encouraging consumers to take CBD before working out, particularly through slower-acting administration options like gummies and capsules. 

But there’s more to think about, especially if your recovery from vigorous exercise is hampered by a lack of sleep.

CBD Product Fundamentals for New Users

There are a few things you should know before using CBD pre-workout or at any other time in your regimen. For example, what exactly is CBD, and what kinds of products are available to athletes? 

To begin, hemp plant extracts are used in the great majority of CBD products offered in the United States. And, while marijuana plants generate CBD, marijuana is banned under federal law in the United States due to its “high” (so to speak) quantities of THC, the intoxicating ingredient.

Hemp, on the other hand, became a federally permitted crop in late 2018 due to its low THC content. In other words, when consumed, federally permitted hemp extracts will not induce physical or mental damage. 

Most people and businesses in the United States use CBD as a catch-all phrase for a practically limitless number of hemp extracts and formulae. 

Full-spectrum extracts, for example, comprise all cannabinoids, essential oils, plant terpenes, and other compounds, including 0.3 percent or less THC. 

Further refining can result in broad-spectrum hemp extract with undetectable THC levels. Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extract is a variation of this, with precisely measured amounts of CBD, CBG, CBN, and select terpenes. Other Cannabinoids being sought after like the ones we find here are also being purposed to help with pain and anxiety.

Some CBD product manufacturers also use separated CBD, also known as CBD isolate, in their formulations. These CBD-only goods include no additional hemp chemicals. 

Along with the many extract types, there is a growing selection of administration techniques such as oils, topical lotions, capsules, and foods. Each product type offers distinct advantages and takes varying lengths of time to get the desired impact. For example, vaping CBD has the quickest effect, whereas absorption through the digestive system takes longer. However, you can take advantage of the delayed absorption time.

Your CBD Pre-Workout Routine Begins The Night Before

Many people consider consuming CBD before workouts without considering whether or not they slept well the night before. 

Experts believe that getting adequate sleep is essential for getting the most out of your activities. And persons who are physically engaged require more sleep than those who are sedentary. 

During sleep, the body controls itself in ways that are not feasible during the day. Protein synthesis rises during non-REM sleep in order to repair muscles that have been damaged during activity. Inadequate sleep also hinders glycogen formation, which serves as fuel for your muscles. You just cannot exercise or compete to your full ability without it.

Obviously, getting a good night’s sleep is the first step in preparing for your workout. 

While preliminary research and anecdotal evidence suggest that standalone CBD may enhance sleep quality, there are other CBD products that include melatonin and herbal extracts to encourage better sleep.

You had a restful night’s sleep. So, what now? 

This is where things get a little more complicated. 

Experts and CBD users have given their opinions on how, when, and why fitness enthusiasts should use CBD before workouts.

However, users report variable results, and most experts have advocated for more research. This stance is based on the fact that CBD compositions and dosing quantities vary widely from product to product, and early research can produce contradictory results. 

With that said, there are a few things to think about while developing a CBD pre-workout routine.

According to some experts, CBD can help relieve pain and stress. CBD has both of these benefits, making it an ideal tool for folks who want to get the most out of their workouts. However, those relaxing effects can make some people sleepy, which you may not want to experience during a workout or sporting competition.

CBD Supplements for Workouts: Capsules, Gummies, and Other Edibles

When these products are delivered into the body through digestion, they take one to two hours to take effect. As a result, there are two main schools of thinking on how to incorporate these into your CBD pre-workout routine. 

As a supplement for post-workout recuperation, take a serving right before you exercise. This strategy allows your body to digest the product and begin passing it through your system when it is most needed. Taking CBD this way also eliminates the potential of experiencing sedative effects throughout your workout.

If you want to feel the effects of CBD right before or during your workout, take capsules or gummies about two hours before you begin. Using CBD before workouts in this manner allows your body time to absorb the product.

CBD Tinctures for Pre-Workout Session 

CBD oil provides a speedier onset of action since absorption under the tongue bypasses the digestive tract. Tinctures are versatile and often come in flavored varieties. As a result, many athletes and fitness enthusiasts prefer to utilize CBD as a pre-workout supplement by mixing it into beverages such as smoothies and shakes. CBD taken in this manner have outcomes similar to candies and pills. 

If you want to feel the effects of CBD tinctures throughout your workout, you should only use them under your tongue. In that situation, take CBD tinctures 30 minutes to an hour before working out. Tinctures, on the other hand, are more effective when taken after exercise.

CBD Before Workout Sessions: Topicals

CBD topicals for pain management make it especially simple to use CBD. You are not required to dosing regulations. Simply apply the product as needed. 

There are two types of muscle soreness caused by exercise: acute muscle soreness (AMS) and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) (DOMS). 

AMS is a type of burning discomfort that you may experience during or immediately after a rigorous workout. DOMS, on the other hand, refers to the soreness that occurs 24-48 hours after an exercise. 

DOMS can definitely impair performance in the gym. CBD creams and gels, particularly those including FDA-approved pain relievers such as menthol, function well as a CBD pre-workout solution for this specific issue. Those same products can provide relief following a workout.

Considerations Before Using CBD 

It’s usually a good idea to consult with your doctor before starting any new supplement program. It’s especially crucial to seek medical counsel if you have any health issues, use prescription medications, or utilize other supplements. One of the most common worries that doctors have concerning CBD is the likelihood of medication interactions. 

It is also critical that you select the correct CBD manufacturer. Many CBD brands claim to follow good manufacturing practices (GMP), which is required by law. However, few can demonstrate it.

CBD companies should also make third-party lab testing available, guaranteeing that the composition of their products is accurate when compared to the label. You would not want to take a product that contains much more or less CBD than what is indicated on the label, and you would certainly not want to consume a contaminated product. 

Finally, you must determine whether or not you want THC in your items. 

While full-spectrum hemp extracts include just trace amounts of THC, many athletes choose THC-free* products supplied by many. This is especially crucial for anyone who competes in a sport where THC is not permitted.

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