CBD Isolate

CBD isolate means chemist have isolated the molecule CBD from hemp with minimal residual material. Usually companies claim their CBD is 99.6% pure, but this is inconsistent with manufacturing norms. Results from several company’s test states that usually the CBD content is around 99.3% and .03% CBDV. The remaining mass is residual particles left over from the extraction process.

The primary differences between full spectrum and isolate are the source product and the means of extraction. One is the isolation of the compound CBD and the other is an extraction of everything from the plant. As you know most of this material is discarded as waste. For now if you’re buying a full spectrum extract make sure your ‘getting what you pay for

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD is a full spectrum recipe. They then go to remove the THC for reasons ranging from shipping to other countries to people being worried about drug tests. I’ve also had people have a histamine reaction to oils or products with heavy terpenes. These items go through a similar process to CBD Isolate because they have to use some chemistry to get the THC out and keep everything else in. The Broad Spectrum products we carry meet the standard we strive for and some entire product lines are Nano Enhanced

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD is the whole plant, or generally should be extracted into an oil most commonly Coconut Oil or MCT Powder. It contains what THC is allowed under the farm bill .03% and ranges from .01% – .03%. It’s not much THC but studies conducted where this option worked better for some people. The bad side are stories published where a full spectrum option can cause one to fail a drug test for THC. Hopefully the national standard for tests will accommodate for this in the future as I two have heard these stories. The main thing to consider when buying a product is, THC is a problem? If it isn’t I highly recommend the option. Full Spectrum extractions are the cleanest by far because they involve one round of extraction. Two of the three companies we carry use a C02 method that’s very very clean as C02 turns to gas almost instantly after being pushed through the product. So by the time they get it to the next step the solvent they used is completely evaporated. Some companies, companies we don’t carry use Ethanol to push full spectrum and it’s very effective but the few companies we looked into that used it had a bad track record including not being clear that THC was present in the product. Pachamama uses an 80 Patented Method that requires no solvents what so ever, not even water, it’s quite an amazing feat. I have to say I used their topical and it’s rated one of the best I’ve ever used to this date I wish I had more than just the one.

The Science

During the 1970’s the government funded the the research of several substances currently scheduled as narcotics. During that time they never allowed testing of any cannabis. Hopefully initiatives will be put in place to accelerate research after the Farm Bill passed. Here is the United States history of drug prohibition.

  The science behind this is inconclusive. The US government has not been a friend of this plant in the past. ‘Mis-classification’ of hemp led to a void in research because the previous Schedule I meant it was viewed as having no medical benefit.

Breakthroughs come when intelligent and innovative people receive grants to study and incubate ideas. When the government doesn’t offer aid they threaten societal advancement. If the US government says a substance has no medical value it’s effectively removed from the realm of possible study. We know more about mushrooms containing psilocybin then we do this plant. The number of identified cannabinoids (excluding THC and CBD) are relatively few. These cannabinoids include GBGA, THCA, CBDA, CBCA, CBGVA, THCVA, CBDVA, and CBN. Click here for more info. This is the ‘tip of the iceberg’ as far as the cannabinoids’ potential and scope of influence are concerned. Despite what we know there are hundreds of cannabinoids we can’t identify, yet. The Terpenes are another side of the story not completely written yet, my belief is terpenes play a much bigger roll in the product than the CBD/THC ratio, going forward Terpenes will be sold separately and we can’t wait!