The FDA and CBD

Let’s be honest. When it comes to big pharma and the FDA, the secret handshake isn’t that secret. The FDA just approved a more potent Fentanyl for who knows what reason. Surprisingly, the FDA has rescheduled CBD from Schedule IV to Schedule V. The FDA released statements saying CBD is completely harmless and shouldn’t be scheduled due to the fact there’s nothing to schedule. The amount of money they’d spend regulating it isn’t worth the chemical’s effect on the conscious mind. Currently, the Schedule exists for the sake of treaties with other countries. If you’d like to learn the history of the Controlled Substances Act please click here.

The FDA Got it Right?

This is nothing less than a miracle considering the medical benefits the pharmaceutical companies could gain from the control of the chemical. The FDA’s statement proves that they don’t think it is worth the fuss. We all know how many products aren’t FDA approved that are actually good for you, so this statement is a little bit surprising, to say the least. 

The Farm Bill, And Some General Facts

The US Farm Bill of 2018 will sort all of this out. The DEA’s obstructionist stance concerning cannabis appears to be softening. Maybe someday full legality for the cannabis plant will be a reality. Science is showing endogenous cannabinoids support your endocannabinoid system by manipulating neurotransmitters (CB1 and CB2). Essentially the CBD works to optimize how our bodies process ‘raw materials. CBD can be compared to a zealous manager with unprecedented knowledge of what’s available, what’s needed, and where it’s needed. In fact, the “come-down” kits sold in Colorado, in case you get too high, are just CBD. Needless to say, a 1-1 Ratio Cannabis plant doesn’t really do anything to you as far as getting “high”.

The current state of affairs within our society caused by illicit substances is a burden that has only gotten heavier as the “war on drugs” continues. I’m no sympathizer for bad choices but maybe more consideration should be put into how we educate people about these substances, give them facts and not myths. Admit when we don’t know and allow science to answer our questions without restrictions. Remember you have a voice too, never be afraid to use it for something you believe in.

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