Surprising Benefits Of Hemp Flower

Smoking hemp is certainly a tasty way to relax, but are there additional benefits associated with this method? Granted, the hemp smoking trend is relatively new, many of our customers are already praising the use of hemp flower.

Of course, the benefits you get from hemp largely depend on quality. For a better smoking experience, you should opt for the organic and hand-cut varieties now offered on here. The companies we work with take the time and care to produce resinous buds for an unmatched smoking experience.

Let’s quickly go over four of the most talked about benefits of smoking hemp buds.

Elketra CBD Hemp Flower

1. No “high” psychoactive effect

Interestingly, many people are interested in smokable hemp for what is not in this plant (i.e. THC). Of course, everyone wants high CBD counts, but they also want to see extremely low THC percentages.

Short for tetrahydrocannabinol, THC is the cannabinoid most closely associated with the “high” feel of marijuana. Although THC is present in every cannabis plant, it is much less prevalent in the hemp legal under the new Farm Bill. Since the THC levels are so minuscule in hemp flowers, you won’t experience psychoactive effects while using these strains.

All legal hemp flower sold are lab verified to contain 0.3% THC or less. No matter what CBD-rich product you purchase, we promise you won’t be exposed to excessive levels of this psychoactive cannabinoid. For added assurance, we include a full cannabinoid report with all of our shipments and on most products, there’s a code that will take you straight to a site where the lab report for the particular product is stored.

Even though THC levels are low in our hemp strains, new hemp smokers should be aware that traces of THC could appear during drug tests. Additionally, some people can be very sensitive to THC, even at low doses. I know I am and that’s why I avoid the heavy stuff and for the most part, have switched to a CBD only diet only using high THC products on Friday nights to watch a new show.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD without worrying about THC, we recommend checking out CBD isolate. Unlike full-spectrum products, CBD isolate contains as close to 100% CBD as possible. Please click on this link to be directed to our CBD isolate only products with no THC.

2. Smoking hemp has an immediate effect

Commonly reported benefits of hemp flower is that it works quickly. Users typically feel the effects of their chosen strain within minutes of first use.

Why does this product work so much faster than many other CBD products? Simple: you don’t have to digest it. Unlike CBD edibles, hemp smoke enters your lungs directly, it’s fast and highly bioavailable.

People who want to learn about CBD quickly will appreciate the smokable hemp buds. Please check out our current Hemp Flower page if you are looking for a reliable and fast way to experience the calming effects of CBD.

3. Hemp smokers appreciate the entourage effect

People who have looked at the benefits of hemp flower and the latest research on cannabis might have come across a concept known as the “entourage effect”. For those not in the know, the “entourage effect” assumes that the natural compounds of a given strain of hemp work together to produce an increased effect. So, according to this theory, hemp has its most significant therapeutic potential when taken in its raw form.

We personally take this with a grain of salt. Most studies done abroad where they allow them to take place are using CBD Isolate. If they used any other cannabinoid with it, it skews results. The one article posted by an Israeli scientist is what sets the “Entourage Effect” in motion. Personally, out of the trials I’ve done with CBD one of my best months was 50MG Isolate tablets once daily. Currently, I’m taking a full spectrum product but this product also uses terpenes to enhance the effect. Terpenes have a way bigger impact on effect than anything else besides THC in our opinion.

We Think It’s Terpenes

In addition to CBD, smokers can benefit from a plethora of other natural hemp compounds like aromatic terpenes. Recent research shows that these terpenes not only give strains their distinctive flavors, but they could also have physiological effects in their own right. Every single essential oil you use is a combination of terpenes to a degree. If you defuse a lavender oil for relaxation, the relaxing effects come from a terpene called linalool.

Hemp also contains many properties rich in antioxidants, like flavonoids, which may improve the effectiveness of CBD. There may also be low traces of secondary cannabinoids like CBN and CBG which have a unique effect on the body. CBN is highly sought after for it’s sleepy effect. Its content in all hemp plants is minimal making it an expensive isolate. We carry a product called Sleep Well by Lift CBD and I personally don’t use any other product to help with my insomnia.

Yes, you might also experience the “entourage effect” with a good quality full-spectrum product. Since these concentrates often require expensive extraction, they are usually much more expensive than purchasing properly dried hemp flowers. From what we’ve seen working with different companies for concentrate pens and cartridges is for every 200MG you’ll pay between $30-$35 depending on if it has a disposable battery.

4. Wider strain selection means more personalization

The benefits of hemp flower is becoming widely accepted in mainstream culture, cultivators are busily breeding and crossbreeding dynamic new strains. As you could imagine, many connoisseurs love the wide variety of hemp strains that are now hitting store shelves. I’ve also heard that some old-time smokers aren’t enjoying the 20-25% THC flower that’s pretty standard and have made the switch to high CBD strain or hemp flower altogether. If you’re someone that frequently likes to change-up your CBD routine, then you will enjoy the customizability available in the modern hemp flower market

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