Superstore CBD and Amazon

First Off

First, I’d like to say Amazon… They have been fooling a lot of people with their CBD Oil, or more accurately Hemp Seed Oil. Industrial hemp seeds cost about $16 retail and they only allow CBD oil with no CBD. I will not deny it has health benefits from the omega fats but if you were looking to try CBD and got some at the store let’s go through what that means.

CBD Infused Bath Bomb

The Amazon/Ebay Hustle

I think most big box stores only allow topicals and maybe something less niche than a tincture. This CBD probably has to be 100% THC Free. I’ve also noticed the price points. For reference around the standard is $10 for every 100MG, until you get past the 1000mg threshold. Then companies can lower rates due to less work. For instance, you can buy a 750MG Pachamama Dropper and get (30) 25MG doses for $75 or you can upgrade to 1750MG and get 30 doses of 60mg CBD. Use half and get 60 doses of 30mg for $139.99. Chances are when you’re looking at CBD in Walgreens. They have a small selection and not a lot of knowledge. We try to keep people informed and a fluff piece on these big companies scamming people seemed to play well.

Hemp Flower Saves Money

We are getting to a point where the pricing of CBD is becoming more relative to the price of the hemp flower used. You can buy a bag of hemp flowers for $75 and get roughly 7000MG of CBD depending on the strain. Easy to use, and make stuff yourself, you just have to heat it up to activate the CBD, though CBD-A has very good properties, making it is extremely difficult. Easy recipes even one here that Pinterest loves!

Big Pharma

It goes deeper to levels I’ve never seen before. I can not advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Google will self deny any attempt I try with google ads. I would wonder why but it’s pretty obvious, big Pharma doesn’t want us to succeed before they can clear a pill for the pharmacy. There are so many small companies like mine that could double sales overnight with a good Facebook ad program but we’re forced into the dark with a very odd class of companies they refer to as “High Risk”. We are in the same category as Bail Bonds and Credit Collectors.

Fighting Censorship

It doesn’t make any sense and I wish I knew a way to combat it. We’ve been trying and so far the only way we make any progress is with you. The people have spread the word for us and thanks to all the small companies that offered your assistance in getting us off the ground.

We have to fight censorship and force the government to look and pass the SAFE Banking act so legal action in progress already can expand without worry from the federal government.

There’s a Bill in the house that was passed that legalized Marijuana, I think it passed sometime in November but our senate doesn’t care about anything small and new. We have to be the vocalization that tells Amazon they want refunds for something they didn’t want. We need to tell Facebook sharing a picture of Hemp Flower is okay because it’s not going anywhere. There’s no way for them to tear down the house so they built a moat and kept us in. So many people fought for the right that men and women have died to protect. These companies think it’s a joke.

To Conclude

To close this out I’ll say this, NO CBD ITEM ON AMAZON HAS CBD IN IT, NOT ONE. EBAY IS THE SAME. If you’re curious about CBD ask a pharmacist to come to help explain what it does before you buy it. Or take a look at what we put together in out blogs and remember we did this all without any help from any add platforms aside from Blip BillBoards and a few people willing to make our site better.

Thank You

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