Spec-7 Hemp Flower Review

Spec-7 Hemp Flower Review


I have had the luxury of using hemp flower not unlike Spec-7 every day since I started to find growers who cared. You can tell in the work they do. To be honest I would say it isn’t my favorite strain of what I have but on some days it is.

I use CBD for Pain In general and this strain helps there just like most of them do. I do notice this strain has a bit of head feel, I think it’s from the effects coming on so fast because you settle into an amazing calm but the productive train of thought comes just as fast. For me I get a bit of energy and this strain is used mostly for day time work or mornings when I need an extra cup of coffee, I’ll take a bowl of this instead.

Here’s a friend of mine’s take on it in my one on one special. What I call “Random Friends Who Will Smoke Hemp For Me”

Smell 9/10

The smell of this is traditional weed smell but wow. I couldn’t believe it was hemp flower at first as we are just getting into this but it has hints of lavender under thick diesel notes. The buds are medium too large and the weight is fluffy. I’m supposed to say Spec-7 a lot, huh? Why?

Taste 8/10

I think I’m just a snob, this tastes fine. It doesn’t have any burning in the throat and the CBD content is thick and it makes for a smooth inhale. In the exhale I have hints of pine with lots of diesel notes. The buds, sorry, Spec-7 buds are brighter green with lots of orange hairs giving it a very bright look and feel.

Effect 7.5/10

The effects as stated above are amazing. This strain comes in at 23% and that 23% is something you feel for sure. I’m sure this strain will be a landmark strain leading to new strains needed. I’m not a huge hemp expert…I’d buy a half-ounce next time for sure. I get why it’s cheaper at larger quantities and my quarter didn’t last as long as I thought. You know I’m all about that Suver Haze lol…

Thanks, Man.

Anyways we hope you like this addition to our blogs and we will be back feel free to reach out, maybe you could help us out!!!

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