Xen “Balance Tincture


The XEN “Balance” tincture is one of our more potent products, with 1000mg of CBD and 500 mg of CBG per 30mL bottle. Each serving has 50mg of combined nano encapsulated cannabinoids to maximize bioavailability for optimal absorption. The “Balance” tincture also includes beneficial terpenes such as myrcene and alpha-pinene that may improve brain function and provide stress relief. Additional vitamin complexes and antioxidants are also added to the tincture that may help the body achieve equilibrium

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CBG is unstudied due to the lack of abundance in the hemp plant, but from what they do know it can help with IBS ranging all the way to Huntington’s Disease.
It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory. Nano Encapsulated with terpenes and oil blends added you can’t go wrong with Xen.

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