Edible CBD Starter Pack Small


Edible CBD Starter Pack Small

The Edible CBD Starter Pack is here because lots of companies might be overwhelming. Let’s face it I won’t be able to tell you what you’ll like over the internet, only you can do that.

This package contains mostly gummy solutions and a few capsules or gel caps we have from our companies serving humans and not pets. It is the lowest offered by each company, just to get you off to find that perfect product for being pain-free. It isn’t easy but usually, people find one they like amongst this group.

CBDfx Turmeric 8 Count Pouch 5mg/piece 40mg total $9.99

Infinite CBD 30 Isolate Capsules 25mg/piece 750mg total $38.76

CBDfx Gel Caps 8 Count Pouch 25mg/piece 200mg total $20.00

CBD Living Milk Chocolate Bar 8 15mg Nano CBD tabs 120mg total $20.00

CBDfx Hemp Gummies 8 count pouch 5mg/ piece 40mg total $9.99

Three CBD Living Waters 10mg or 10 million nano grams in each bottle $11.97

MSRP VALUE $110.71

Package rate $100

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As always with Small Starter Packs the final price is discounted. My suggestion is to take these each on their own once a day until you run out, but by 8 days you’ll know if that product is working for you. If you want to switch companies that would be the day we suggest doing so.


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