Pain Free Small Starter Pack

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The CBD Pain-Free Starter Pack Small

The CBD Pain-Free Starter Pack is here because lots of companies might be overwhelming. Let’s face it I won’t be able to tell you what you’ll like over the internet, only you can do that.

This package contains topical solutions we have from our companies serving humans and not pets. It is the lowest offered by each company, just to get you off to find that perfect product for being pain-free. It isn’t easy but usually, people find one they like amongst this group.

The CBD Pain-Free Starter package contains

Infinite CBD Freeze Point 250mg – $17.50

Infinite CBD Nano Freeze Point 250mg – $28.24

Pachamama Body Lotion 300mg – $29.99

CBD Living Freeze Nano 120mg – $30.00

CBDfx Muscle Balm 50mg – $14.99


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Links to all of these products can be found by clicking the name of the said product above.

There are two Infinite CBD products on this because one is used with their nanotechnology and so is CBD Living‘s, you can decide what’s better for your daily routine.

This package also comes with a savings of 10% when grouped together. We will be testing and making more packages as the days go on, please keep in touch we have lots to offer!

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