Infinite Isolate Droppers 250mg Super Silver Haze

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Infinite CBD Isolate Dropper

Super Silver Haze

One drop of this Infinite Isolate Dropper contains .5 mg of CBD Isolate and pure hemp-derived terpenes.

The mixture of coconut oil, Hemp Derived Terpenes, and CBD allows the consumer to dose very precise. It also allows for great bioavailability due to the fat content in MCT and CBD being fat soluble. Therefore depending on experience, If you are a beginner, this product can be perfect for starting point.

You can add the Isolate Dropper straight into your favorite beverage or food, take orally under the tongue, or mix it up a bit in whatever you want. In part I’m sure this product will be a valuable addition to your life, and our line of products here at Connected Healing.

Terpene Enhanced Isolate droppers are the best way for an isolated CBD product to be greatly enhanced to specific needs, these products are being revamped by the distributor. The price for them is reduced until this product is available for restocking, currently we do have these in stock

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