Infinite CBD Launch Pad Pet Salve


Infinite CBD Launch Pad Pet Salve

Why use Launch Pad well to quote a Forbes Article

“This was a double-blind placebo trial with dogs suffering from osteoarthritis and multi-joint pain. In a double-blind test, the veterinarian/owner does not know which patient is receiving the placebo and which is receiving the drug. That way they can record results without the bias of knowing which patients “should” be improving.”

“Sixteen dogs received CBD oil made from industrial hemp or placebo oil every twelve hours for four weeks. The animals themselves could not report their pain levels. Veterinary assessment and owner questionnaires were completed before the treatment and at weeks two and four weeks during the test. Measuring the animals’ mobility and activity as an indicator of pain level. Blood tests were also performed at each visit.
The results were significant, according to the researchers with over 80% of the dogs taking the CBD oil showing “significant improvement in pain levels and quality of life” without discernible side-effects”.


Launch Pad Pet Salve, just like hands and feet, your pet needs rejuvenation on their most utilized skin. CBD can help! Poor maintenance of paws and nose can lead to extreme discomfort and, at times, lead to wounds that require attention. Skip the hassle and elevate the skin health of your animal with Launch Pad Pet Salve, keeping it protected from external forces while moisturizing.

Applying Launch Pad, CBD Paw and Nose Salve will protect our pets from the extreme weather conditions. Use during the harsh winters or the hot summer day. Launch Pad will offer protection and moisture for a happier pet.

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