Afterglow 100MG



Originally a CBD Tattoo Aftercare, they soon realized that this product went much further than that, and all around CBD Healing Oil.

CBD alone has amazing benefits on the skin itself so what better product than one that combines ingredients specific in promoting skin health with CBD. Afterglow CBD healing oil provides the user localized application to an open wound, burn, psoriasis, or eczema. The pain goes away instantly, playing with our kitten can hurt sometimes but a little bit of Afterglow applied directly to the open wound and there’s almost no pain. It goes on without any feeling of greasiness, it literally feels like nothing in on your skin.

This is an amazing product


CBD Isolate: Signals cell regeneration for a faster heal time and healthier skin.
Coconut Oil: Reduces inflammation and helps heal a wound while providing moisture to an area.
Vitamin E: A vital antioxidant for the skin to speed wound healing and prevent scarring.
Manuka Honey: Contains antibacterial properties to help clean affected area and reduce risk of infection.
Lanolin: Keeps the skin moisturized while helping to heal a wound.




Apply Afterglow topically to affected area. Great for new tattoos, eczema, psoriasis, acne, scarring, or open wounds. Use long-term for best results.



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