R+R Medicinals Cream 1000MG


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R+R Medicinals CBD Cream

The 1000mg cream is the result of over a year of development using a doctor, chemists, and other professionals to formulate an unparalleled topical hemp product. Ingredients like MSM, Arnica Montana, Calendula Flower, and Aloe are combined with our proprietary blend of full spectrum hemp extract to ensure high-performance relief with maximum absorption.* It’s been carefully crafted to exclude artificial fragrances, menthol/eucalyptus, or dyes to ensure it can be used anytime, anywhere! Each quarter-sized amount delivers roughly 33.33mg of hemp extract, and each tube should last roughly 45 days with daily use.


R+R Medicinals Cream 1000MG


Note: On Amazon.com, they only offer complete profile omega supplements.

Amazon doesn’t sell CBD, thought the omega fat supplements labeled hemp are really good for you this does not contain any CBD.

Search local or find online stores with reputable companies and the testing of them.

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