P.M. CBD Isolate Capsules 25mg 30 COUNT


Head into autopilot with a CBD capsule. This the perfect product for someone who is looking to take an exact amount of CBD. In just one CBD capsule, the user will consume 30 mg of CBD isolate. Swallowing a single capsule can take 30 to 100 minutes for the effects to set in but the duration will last longer than alternative delivery methods. Consumption of a CBD Isolate Capsule in the morning and/or at night is a great regimen for CBD. To learn about recent moves made with the FDA and their ability to approve things like this I’m hoping more people choose this for ease of problems.


Powdered Coconut Oil: Gentle on your stomach for easier digestion.
CBD Isolate: Pure CBD isolate derived from hemp.
Gelatin Capsule: Each capsule is made with a gelatin casing.


3mg added for sleep


Take capsules orally as needed before bed.



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