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The Infinite CBD Pet Dropper:


The Medium size is for Pets 15-25 LBS Can Be Diluted

What to know:

Our furry friends have endocannabinoid systems as well. Kind of like you, your cats and/or dogs would also enjoy some Pet Dropper CBD. By activating this system with CBD, your pet can maintain a healthy lifestyle. The combination of coconut oil allows for a healthier coat, can clear up eczema, reduce allergies, improves digestion, and aid in arthritis and ligament problems. If your pet has a sensitive stomach, not to worry, the Infinite CBD Pet Dropper is gentle enough for all diets.

Key Ingredient: Coconut Oil

Studies have shown by incorporating coconut oil in the diet of your four legged friend can help keep a healthy coat and skin, regulate the digestive system, and improve bone strength. Coconut oil is the perfect carrier oil for CBD to our pups or felines.

Unique Uses:
To use The CBD Pet Dropper orally you can just place desired amount into their mouth to absorb.
OR if ther’s an open wound or skin irritation? Applying the Infinite CBD Pet Dropper topically allows for localized application, healing and recovering faster.
Ingestion: If you can’t easily administer CBD orally, you place desired amount on to a treat or into their water bowl.

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