what is cbd oil and does it really work?

Making CBD Oil, a cost effective way to enjoy CBD

CBD Oil (Full Spectrum)

Full Spectrum CBD Oil is expensive, to say the least, I think I know why. Full-spectrum companies are usually carrying a patent, or something similar to retain the effects on a scale that their product remains the same every time. This is not a cheap venture, not to mention the organic certification and non-pesticide validations they retain is something expensive and hard to get. The company we carry and promote, Pachamama, is well respected in that manner and I can tell you they don’t cheap out on any detail. Full-spectrum is a great choice for someone who wants the full benefits of the newly passed laws allowing for hemp as a supplement. Hemp in this fashion is a cannabis plant specifically the Sativa strain and more closely related to Ruderalis. Ruderalis has been used in some cases to tame the genetics we’ve been using for classic marijuana strains. They’ve actually been getting these strains back to what they were before we enhanced the genetics for the cerebral effects. Kind of like reverse engineering these different flowers to a place of their original state. The law states as long as the THC is below .03% these plants are now legal and are being farmed and processed.

The Perspective

I say all of this for perspective on what you’re looking at when you see a $140 bottle with 1750mg of CBD. There are a lot more than just that CBD, it’s more of a hemp extract that contains CBD along with terpenes, CBG, CBN, and the allowed amount of THC. Don’t be fooled you can fail a drug test for THC if using a full spectrum for a bold amount of time. Combined with persistent or random drug tests it’s possible to fail.

Is it really “FULL SPECTRUM” There are also the companies selling “Full Spectrum THC free products”. As a long time user and student of the industry products that are THC FREE but have the other cannabinoids are referred to as Broad Spectrum. They undergo similar processes as a full spectrum but are put through another to remove the THC. The companies I carry, CBD LIVING, Pachamama, and now even Infinite CBD uses this method in their product line. Adding the extra step of removing the THC. These products are also expensive but with good reason, they are effective! The added process of removing THC causes Broad Spectrums to be one of the more expensive choices, though they still run about $.80 per MG.

The Real Reason I Wrote This

Most CBD oils are pricey and it’s hard to determine if the worth is reflected in the price. I can say for CBD LIVING and Pachamama are reflected very much so, from Nanotechnology to chemical-free extraction a lot of effort goes into making some of the best products available. The other company I carry “Infinite CBD” is a 100% THC free option. They have recently opened the doors to Broad Spectrum products but remain mostly in the Isolate department. They’re considerably cheaper considering the regular prices of these products. They isolate the CBD molecule into a crystalline form and put it in several products. If CBD oil is something you like but the price that comes with it is high, maybe an isolate could work for you. Since the Isolate we sell comes in regular, or terpene infused you can get a lot of the benefits that come with a full or broad-spectrum product for less money. They sell their isolate suspended in coconut oil as a dropper formula and 1000mg is around $50. Who’s to say you can’t do this yourself! We sell the isolate in 1 gram jar (1000mg) with or without terpenes. All you need is something fatty to absorb the isolated CBD. Once you’ve done that a little math can be used to determine the strength if you use 30ml of oil, preferably coconut or avocado oil due to CBD being fat-soluble. The average 30ML dropper full would be around 32mg with each drop containing roughly 2mg. 

A Basic Guide to Making your own Oil

It’s pretty easy to do, just get your oil and use a double burner method to heat the oil slightly. Then, put the crystalline product into the mixture and stir until it has dissipated. After that transfer, it into a dropper bottle and enjoy it! The best part about this is you can end up with a 1000mg CBD dropper for $50 your first time due to supplies. After that, each bottle would be $30 with taxes not including your time. I’ve linked all the products you’d need to do this inside this article for your convenience. I would like people to consider this option before deciding that CBD is too expensive. With the isolated CBD, you’re missing out on some other cannabinoids like CBG or CBN. With the terpene infusion, you’re getting properties that by comparison may have more of an effect to cost ratio. Some studies and personal experience suggest that the terpenes inside cannabis affect someone more than the number of other cannabinoids. Piney flavors are more sedative than they’re citrus cousins. Those citrus flavors cause more cerebral focused effects. I’m a firm believer in terpene profiles but I also have no reason to use a Full spectrum due to my use of medical cannabis as I’ve said before CBD is just icing on the cake for me. 

It’s really up to YOU

This isn’t for me to decide for you just to give you ideas and maybe get you interested in trying something different, if the same things haven’t been working then maybe something different is what you need. We all should be trying something new!

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