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Infinite CBD Apricot CBD Pen Review

Apricot Infinite CBD PEN REVIEW by Alex Hamilton of Connected Healing

I just bought this Infinite CBD Pen. Went to the front of my car where it’s pretty dead around here and took three puffs. First off they are not using MCT oil, this is a real distillate. This is a really good distillate. I chose the Apricot because of it’s CBN content. Some of the terpenes I know are more relaxing for someone who has trouble sleeping. Upon looking at the ingredients in the Orange Ginger, I knew it’d be more of a pick me up feeling. I am sensitive to smoking and like to be relaxed. The feeling is so hard to describe. All my thoughts that have been racing and bundled up had been released into a stream of steady thought. My anxiety is nowhere to be found. My motivation was to use my last bit of time here at work to write this review. That old stigma that Cannabis makes one’s motivation disappear, is nonsense. It’s who’s using it not what they’re using. I’m an avid CBD isolate user and I think I like this pen better.
Clear thoughts no anxiety and an amazing taste, you really can’t beat that.

Another Note To Consider about this CBD Pen Review

I waited and used it last night before bed and when I wake up throughout the night and it helped me get back to sleep very easily. I also tried it this morning as it was a stressful day we’ve been dreading. It calmed us all down and gave me the energy to go another day! I love this product. See my review breakdown below.

Feel: 4 Stars

It came out of the box simply, it works perfectly as soon as I used it I do know a trick where you screw off the top a bit to let the air pressure normalize before use but it worked great. Three long drags and no dry hit, burnt throat, I didn’t even really cough. It’s small, sleek, and has the drag to work technology that makes it so much easier than a button. This would get five stars but with all of the CBD on the market and governments cracking down on vaping in general something on the pen itself stating where it came from and proves it is a CBD, the pen is a must need. The last thing I’d need is to get questioned by the cops about my CBD pen, but I’m sure that’s something every distributor is thinking about.

Taste: 5 Stars

Creamy yet slightly tangy. You can feel the terpenes on your tongue as you hit this and it’s amazing. It has an apricot taste to it and I didn’t expect that but it is an Apricot pen. Slight cough and phlegm build-up but nothing series like with some pens where you can’t catch your breath and your throat burns for a couple of hours after each hit. I’m pain-free and I walked in to write this 20 min ago. Doesn’t stick to my breath though I’d probably need someone to test that theory for me 🙂

Price: 5 Stars

If this was a 150MG MCT Oil pen I wouldn’t have even tried. Standard pricing for these things is between $30 and $40 depending on where you go and this is a real distillate. I honestly don’t think you could find a better price for the quality I’m getting here.

Effect: 5 Stars

As I said in the beginning this has an amazing calming effect and keeps you crystal clear. I was surprised by how much I like it as I’m not much of a pen guy. Calming, energizing, clarity, and it even gave me an appetite. The amount of stress I’m under that’s a miracle in itself, my only regret is I didn’t bring it with me today…

To Conclude

Either way, you want to break it down CBD is derived from Hemp also known as Cannabis Sativa. The products that come out will resemble those from the MMJ market, but as far as effect it’s a different ball game. My main objective with my company was to erase the stigma of MMJ and CBD but the more I dive into what’s available the more I find myself thinking that’s not the way to go about it.

The products will be similar because it’s the same plant with different levels of one chemical. I can’t tell you not to hate MMJ or people involved in the industry but I can tell you that the CBD industry isn’t sitting around thinking of new ways to catch a buzz, we’re sitting around trying to figure out how to get the people that need this to see past their beliefs and grudges and maybe try a gummy package for a week.

I love my customers, I love it when they feel helped and I love when they tell me they loved what I have. I’m in it for you and always will be.

Connected Healing will always be CBD Tested and Trusted by US!

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