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Infinite CBD Pure Isolate Review (TERPENE ENHANCED)

I have always loved CBD. The amazing purity of the cherry flavor when vaporized. The purge of anxiety and the settling of my stomach. I was beside myself when I heard about terpene infused products. The first one I tried was the Mango Kush by infinite CBD. The inhale is just an amazing flow of cherry, very pure, but upon exhale, a floral mango pine is noticed. Afterward, my anxiety left my body so fast I was peacefully calm. Later I continued that experiment and took two more doses and fell asleep around 9:30 P.M. I awoke refreshed at 5:00 A.M. ready for my review!



I’ve tried three different CBD Isolates from different companies. I know what brand they are but for the sake of the article lets just say the store is selling CBD Shatter around 75% pure for around $35. Upwords of $59.99 for 99% CBD terpene infused shatter. Compared to the Shatter CBD the Absolute Zero CBD is A+++. The 75%-80% shatter CBD always leaves me with a chemical taste afterward and the cherry flavor that pure CBD has isn’t very pronounced. I’ve had a CO2 extract Isolate that was around $40 a gram from a different supplier thousands of miles away. It was good but, compared to the Absolute Zero CBD, the purity and flavor profile was weren’t comparable. Another surprising thing about the Infinite CBD was the smoothness. Most CBD makes my throat burn badly upon inhaling but this brand was smooth from inhale to exhale.

This product no longer exists but we did find a product that matches it in every way, click here to be directed to this new product


$27.50/ Gram with no Terpenes and 29.90 W terpenes. Compared to the prices I’ve studied in the past and mentioned above this, this is an amazing deal.

5 out 5 Star


I live in a legal state so my expectations of finding effective and pure CBD were low. To my surprise, this product was everything I wanted and more! Since then I’ve been continuing the use of this product. It really calms the nerves and helps with my sleep patterns.

4.5 Stars


The taste is amazing as I’ve mentioned a couple of times above. I think the terpene infused lines are a little rough on your lungs, (unlike their isolate) but worth it. I love the terpene experience but assume some would be put off by it. An unbiased opinion, I think there should be a warning that the addition of terpenes can cause some discomfort as far has inhalation goes.

4.1 Stars 

Overall Score: 4.53

All in all, I’m not personally a fan of the sleeping/relaxing terpene strains, but I’m glad that the terpene profile did enhance the CBD experience as I thought it would. I’ve grown fond of the terpene enhanced CBD (I’m enjoying a flavorful puff now!) and look forward to future flavors.


Alex Hamilton

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