Funky Farms CRD Disposable CBD vape Pen Review

CRD Pen Review (Grand Daddy Purple)

CBD and The Vape Industry

CRD stands for Crystal Resistant Distillate. A brief history of vaping and how it is used today and how it was first implemented into mainstream CBD use. Vaping is commonly people associated with people and big machines that make a thick heavy vapor for nicotine. When this first started they were using mostly a substance called Propylene Glycol. It took a little while before they realized another substance called Vegetable Glycerin worked to make the vapor thicker and had a sweet flavor to it.

This allowed them to use less flavoring and make mixtures depending on what you liked as far as the vapor went. When CBD started to go into mainstream vaping, the vape industry itself was under heavy scrutiny from the government. Most suppliers used MCT Oil as their carrier. It sounds funny but yes you can vape coconut oil. It has several benefits one being it’s very smooth and easily manipulated for flavor.

Upon our expansion bringing in Original Hemp, we had also decided to get into hemp flower and concentrate pens. Lyft CBD’s vape pen called, Sleep Well, and their Mango flavored Broad Spectrum pen both use MCT Oil. Personally, I use the Sleep Well Vape Pen nightly and have no issue. MCT Oil-based vaporizers just take a little heating up to get it going but it works well after that. When working with Original Hemp they told me they were using a distillate form of CBD concentrate and referred to it as Crystal Resistant Distillate. I couldn’t resist due to the fact I had already brought in some of Lyft CBD’s vape products. What’s the harm in trying something different than the norm?

What is CRD?

Basically, CRD is a form of distillate CBD Oil. Like distilled water, CBD oil can be distilled. The Crystal Resistant is a highly refined, proprietary raw material that contains the broad spectrum of cannabinoids that the market is using heavily across the bored for vape pens. CRD oil in pens is the best when it comes to preserving flavors of terpenes and it’s ready to go. They have a strong hemp taste and with the added terpenes they’re not for everyone.

It was made as a vape specific product intended to remain flowable as a liquid with no additives.

The process is proprietary and hard to find information on how they do it exactly but the process increases the proportions of minor cannabinoids, many of them are non-crystalline too CBD.  This results in an ultra broad-spectrum product that is abundant in minor cannabinoids and remains liquid in it’s natural state.

Though designed for vape specific products it is being used in wider applications such as topical products. It remains today the go to for most CBD vape products that are aiming at the demographic that wants heavy terpenes and the hemp flavor with a wide variety of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The Review Grand Daddy Purple

Vape Pen Review

I personally wanted to try this product right when I received the order. I have some anxiety issues so I chose the Grand Daddy Purple Strain.

Grand Daddy Purple’s terpene content contains high amounts of Linalool, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene making it very calming and slightly sedative. Since the terpenes come from an Indica Strain it helps a lot with anxiety and slowing my brain down enough to concentrate on one thing at a time.

It’s calming, and for terpene based pens it’s not harsh at all. Usually my throat burns a bunch from certain pens, but the CRD liquid is very smooth and very flavorful.

It’s cannabinoid content for the 200MG Pens include:

177MG of CBD

15MG of CBN


20MG of CBC

6MG of of CBG


2mg of of CBL

I was more than pleased with this choice, here may be a few key points that might sway your decision to purchase.


The taste is amazing, right on point with a common terpene base distillate pen. Like I said before there is no burning of the throat and you can tell when you’ve had enough. The pen didn’t give me any dry hits and the CDR remained constant enough to soak into the cotton for vaping constantly. The terpene presence was heavy and I only need 2-3 puffs for relief.


As far as its effects go they were almost immediate. After exhaling the third puff I started to feel the effects. I was calm, a little tired but that’s okay for me and focused without anxiety. I’ve tried dozens of CBD vape stuff and this was by far the most effective one out of the box. Personally I like the disposable pens that come straight out of the box. They’re ready to use and they work great. They do make cartridges that are 600MG and you need a 510 threaded battery to use them. The only real difference being the milligrams and cannabinoid count.


At $34.99 I got about two weeks of use out of it using it two to three times a day and an average of 2-3 puffs per use. Mathematically that’s about 35 puffs for $35.00 and that’s not so bad. The cool thing about it is they do make a cartridge with 600MG for 59.99 getting the puff count to about 100 and dropping the price per puff to roughly $.60

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