Desk Workouts

Desk Job Workouts

Desk Workouts

Sitting at a desk for 40-50 hours a week isn’t good for you. It’s linked to blood clots in the legs, fatigue, headaches and a lot more. Here are some pretty easy ways to get your blood flowing on the desk job.

I’m sure your employee handbook says that you should take a break from looking at your screen for about 10 min and the same goes for walking around a bit to get the blood flowing.

I’ve been at a desk from a labor-intensive job for about a year now and I’ve gotten some good workouts in between customers.

One thing I do and you can too if you’re on the phone with customer service just hold your hands in a fist like your fighting but just hold them there. Fighters do this for hours on end because it’s hard. It’s great for shoulder dexterity and strength. 5-15 Min stretches you’ll actually start to feel the burn it’s a really great one.

If your employer allows a ball chair, buy one and use it as often as possible. It basically makes improper posture impossible and your abs will hate you but you’ll be happier in the long run.

The Sun

Sometimes the sheer boring nature of sitting gets to your brain if your employer allows you to take walks aim to take them in the sun if possible. Vitamin D is created in abundance under the sun and it directly impacts your mood. 

If you’re feeling like really pushing it, sit up against a wall for a couple of minutes like you’re in a chair with no bottom. This is great for the legs and used widely as a warm-up for going to the gym.

I’m lucky, as I have no one supervising me. If it’s slow and my back gets that ache in the middle, first I hit it with my Icy Muscle Gel. Then I get up and swing my arms in a circular motion. 

Start with small circles and gradually make them bigger. Stop and reverse the circles and repeat them. You can also repeat with your palms up, as this can help message some areas in the back while keeping you moving.

If your job allows music during work and you’re cooped up under florescent lighting or a small cubical. Try loading a playlist of nature sounds. It’s been shown to help the mind escape the prison you may feel you’re trapped in.

Mostly focus on your legs get up walk around and if you can sit back in your chair and hold your legs straight for as long as possible. Look up some easy common Yoga poses here and practice them either before work or after.

Just a couple other workouts that I do around the shop are:

Desk Tricep Workouts

Desk Push-ups

Wall Sitting


Leg Lifts from my chair.

I do have a watch that monitors my heart, so I personally try to achieve an hour a day of 100 BPM heart rate per min.

In Conclusion

These are small but useful tips for a job that requires you to do what you’re mind doesn’t want to do. Your mind wants to move, it improves health and mood. It also releases chemical constructs similar to cannabinoids and makes the ECS in your brain light up like New York.

 A simple and even small CBD routine makes these chemicals last longer. It also helps your brain navigate the endogenous cannabinoids to places you may need them.

We do love blogs on health here at Connected Healing but we also have to plug our store, we really hope you check it out. Read all the information we gather here and decide if it’s something you can try, we have small options, big options, and package options. We are here to help!

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about CBD and remember, never stay still too long!

Thank You!

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