CBD Stigma

CBD Stigma

As we’ve been moving on with our business we noticed that the CBD stigma to marijuana is overwhelming. A lot of people see CBD and think of Marijuana. Period. They don’t see it as a medicine. It’s ironic because high CBD flower has more medical benefits vs the recreational strains being made. 

To Start

For instance, in the MMJ world of Colorado. There are high CBD strains that have a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. Some are 20:1 CBD to THC. Even the 1:1 strains where there are equal amounts of CBD to THC, usually around 12% of both. From experience these strains are not intoxicating, more than hemp products, but still not fully intoxicating. These strains are extremely helpful for medical conditions like sleep and anxiety with little to none intoxication.

For the last 10 years with the industry opening in Colorado, producing strains that are upwards of 35% THC. Some aren’t into it at all, they never smoked Marijuana so strong and don’t like it. They remember this being a smooth calming ride. There’s a huge percentage of people who now prefer hemp flowers. Either high in CBD CBN or CBG with CBG flower becoming the most popular due to its non-sedating effects.

 So for one, CBD comes from a plant that has been under an overwhelming amount of anti-propaganda. To the point where CBS cut a new commercial during the Super Bowl for Medical Marijuana.  Not sure if you’ve heard the story but I’ll link it in here. 

To Rephrase

One of my goals in my market was to erase the CBD stigma between “Pot”. I now see that they go hand in hand. If your opinion of Marijuana is it’s an evil “gateway drug”. (though studies conducted amongst adolescents show Alcohol is actually more of a gateway to drugs like cocaine than Marijuana is) If this is your opinion on this plant I don’t see us changing your point of view. All we can do as supporters of this amazing molecule is prove daily that it’s different. It’s nonintoxicating and has so much potential for the future. It’s a natural blood-thinner, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and so much more.

Due to the FDA’s lack of classification, these claims are unsubstantiated. We are not allowed to say things like that. Though the studies being done overseas do post results and substantiate these claims. In the US, it is being choked out. This lap in FDA opinion in direct opposition to the legality stated in the Farm Bill leads to bad things. One being no age limits proposed federally. Making businesses like mine weary of holding anything with more stigma like a flower and vape products.

We want to carry these products but since we have no guidelines we have to make our own. For my business, I chose to rest on the more taboo parts of hemp. Focusing on the lesser of the two evils. It’s a shame that in the industry I have to write “the lesser of two evils in the frist place. Since there’s really no evil going on.

The Old Days

If we backtrack to when we first settled here. We see that Hemp was used for a wide variety of purposes. It required less water to grow. Less water to make fabrics out of than trees and cotton and its growth rate is insane. Some saying one acre can provide the same amount of paper products as one tree! You can grow three full cycles a year if in a controlled environment. So why the CBD Stigma? Check out the video on our home page for an in-depth look into early hemp farming.

Though hemp has been farmed for a long time before the farm bill gave it a federal standing. It still hasn’t broken the stigma. The only way to break it is to inform the public as much as possible. We do try but it seems our customer base is more interested in Marijuana than CBD. Where it should be the opposite. More people who have thought about Marijuana as an aid to something bothering them. Maybe they should start with CBD products, avoid the head rush, and possibly gain some real results in the way they feel.

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