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Nuleaf CBD Reviews

Customer Reviews 

4.9Based on 13654 Reviews

Jeff W.


Website is easy and professional. Product does a good job meeting my needs. Good for aches and pains 08/18/2019

Christine A.

Best oil!

The cbd oil is outstanding! It’s has helped me with anxiety and starting my day right. The ordering process is super easy and delivery is quick! I am very happy to have found this company and it’s oil!08/18/2019

Linda L.

Love NuLeaf

I’ve been giving my Schnauzer CBD for quite sometime now. I’ve always used NuLeaf and it has helped her with many things-her appetite, her anxiety, her aches and pains. Definitely a 5 Star product! 08/18/2019

Awesome Product. 

Wasn’t sure what to expect and product was awesome. Best sleep I’ve had in my life and when I wake up I’m way less sore. As a former college athlete, it’s still so important for me to be in good shape and that all starts with sleep and of course having less inflammation and pain. Thank you for such an amazing product.

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Barbra W.

I want to thank you and share what I have experienced with your products since I got them 3 weeks after surgery. I can’t adequately express how much I appreciate what your products have done for me; in ways that I really had no concept of in terms of pain/illness management. Until now. I thought it would be informative if I listed the products and how I used them. Tincture: Very effective fast pain relief, especially when taken with gel caps. Also effective mixed with lotion for application directly on incision. Gel caps: Took one every four hours for pain. Much better than relying on pharmaceuticals; I was able to back way off them. Sleep Aid: Very effective; gets you past the pain and into rest! Pain is exhausting; these products give you the support that increases your ability to recover. Bath Bombs: Really good transdermal pain relief that lasts, good at end of day when hurting from having been up. Makes it possible to be up because you know you can fix it! Lotion: Use it all over to keep CBD levels up; especially after bath bomb soak. Used the Plain Jane and Pina Co Canna brands to compare and found CBD Living to be a better emollient and, most importantly, a much better pain reliever. Living Water: This is the most surprising to me, since I had had the water before and had liked it and found it beneficial. I found that since I have had this experience and Bill brought home the water that my body instantly craved it. I found that I felt much stronger with it; it automatically consumed the recommended dosages; and I’m not a water person. Really notice it when you switch back to regular water.

Barbara W.

Relevant studies in animal models are summarized in chronological order in Table ​Table1.1. CBD has been studied in a wide range of animal models of general anxiety, including the elevated plus maze (EPM), the Vogel-conflict test (VCT), and the elevated T maze (ETM). See Table ​Table11 for the anxiolytic effect specific to each paradigm. Initial studies of CBD in these models showed conflicting results: high (100 mg/kg) doses were ineffective, while low (10 mg/kg) doses were anxiolytic. This make CBD incredibly expensive. At this price it is totally worthless for anxiety.

Richard Strauss
Richard Strauss

I have broken my tailbone twice, I have 5 herniated discs, 2 pinched nerves, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease and facet disease all L3-S1. I put this roll on where I hurt, and it is the ONLY topical CBD I have used that not only provides relief, but almost makes me forget my pain! I highly recommend this product to everyone who has acute, or chronic pain. It even helps with my nerve pain down my legs..nothing else I have used has been so helpful. Get this product now! Lol


I’m 29 yrs old and a union carpenter. I just recently had a sharp pain in the forearm of my dominant hand – the hand i use for work every day. Well, long story short, I used store bought products and nothing took the pain away. I used your product and instant relief!!! I just wanted to say your product is awesome and thank you for your help.

Kyle R.

I have been using your water and bars now for the past 3 months and I just want to say that my life has improved dramatically! I am a veteran who suffers from PTSD/Anxiety/Depression and I am currently cutting medication dosages from my Psch doctor. During the past 3 months of cutting meds I have been taking CBD Living Water and bars to help with anxiety especially in large social situations. It has improved my life immensely!!!! From me and my family thank you guys for all your hard work! It has truly impacted my life in such a positive way!

Jeremy W.

I had a total hip replacement in May, but I heard from several friends that they had issues with the narcotics that they gave them for post-op pain relief. I didn’t want to deal with constipation, grogginess or, God forbid, addiction. I had already been taking CBD Living Gummies for my hip pain before the operation, and it really helped me continue with my activities, so I knew it worked. So, I told my doctors I would have the narcotics on hand, but would not be taking them. Taking 2 of these gummies 2-3 times a day for pain management worked wonders for the first 2-3 painful weeks of post op. I only took Tylenol 2x the whole time, but I relied on CBD and essential oils (nausea) as my pain management protocol. I’ve been singing CBD Living’s praises ever since! Thank you!!!

Evie A.

A family member has terminal leiomyosarcoma and very often the only thing they can ingest is your CBD Living Water, especially now in the final months. Even when medical marijuana has been ineffective in stimulating the appetite and curbing the pain, the CBD Living Water has helped. It is expensive, but for the relief that it is bringing, it has been worth it. Our family all pitches in to keep the supply coming. I will admit that delivery has been an issue and at times, customer service has been spotty, but the relief this product brings helps to make up for that.

Kathy F.

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Infinte CBD Reivews

Neil O.Verified Buyer 5 star rating

08/18/19Amazing stuff Amazing stuff On Isolate Droppers  

Michelle L.Verified Buyer 5 star rating

order All products I could not be happier with On Dark Matter 

Susan D.Verified Buyer 5 star rating

Best I have tried This is the best cream… it works immediately for me I am telling all my patients about it On NANO Freezing Point  

CBDlover Verified Reviewer 5 star rating

Relief Tried the mango kush and love it. Smoked a tiny bit it in my vape pen and I had instant relief from all my aches and pains. Great product! Very clean! Thank you! Trying the lemon next On Absolute Zero  

Scott M.Verified Buyer 5 star rating

Helps a bunch I have a slightly compressed disc in my back. I feel that this product helps alleviate the pain and discomfort as well as 800 mg ibuprofen, without the side effects on my stomach and other organs. I sleep much better when using a dose before bed, allowing my body to relax and feel better rested.. On Isolate Droppers  

Andrew D.Verified Buyer. 5 star rating

a little help with sleep trying to wean myself off of prescription sleeping pills a little at a time. These isolate drops conjoined with less pills is helping me sleep.. so far so good.. I’ll keep eradicating pills and see if the drops are enough. will update On Isolate Droppers 

Hannah F.5 star rating

Magic My dog is a ten year old GSP, she’s very healthy and active but she has mild cataracts. After only a week, we noticed the cloudiness in her eyes is starting to fade! This stuff is wonderful!!! It’s helped her digestive system, she’s been having great poops. And her coat is so soft and shiny! She also just seems generally more positive and…… Read more Pet Droppers 

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