CBD and workouts

CBD and Workouts

Using CBD With Low-Impact Workouts

Use CBD after these 5 Workouts

People tend to think high-intensity workouts are the only way to lose weight, however, low-impact workouts with high cardio results can work well.

High-intensity workouts can work out parts of your body in the least amount of time. Some have been known to cause stress on the hips, knees, elbows, and shoulders. For many who are more prone to injury, a long repetitive force can cause damage to joints and muscles, especially as we get older. Now with CBD, there is no reason to stop being healthy and productive when you can. Topical CBD Solutions can help with the aches the next day.

If one of your New Year Resolutions is to start a new exercise routine but you’re not sure how to begin, we are going to get into some effective low-impact workout routines which you can start right away. Remember working out isn’t a one-time thing it’s something you do every day a little bit harder. Always rest after 2-3 days of exercise so your body can heal and get stronger.


The elliptical is top-notch when it comes to putting less stress on your body. Try the elliptical with a 10-minute interval workout to start. You will be surprised how effective this machine is to break a sweat and burn an abundant amount of calories in a short period of time. This work out also includes your entire body to do giving you a full workout, perfect for starting out. Find the time that gets your blood flowing and work up from there, never forget to rest.


I have bad knees though I do run, walking is great whether on a treadmill or around the block. Living in Colorado Springs is great place to get a really beautiful walk in. There is less impact than running and a way to get moving as well as get some fresh air in. If you find your walk to be too easy, walk-in tougher terrain, use weights and speed up to a mild jog to really step it up.

Stair master

Using the StairMaster at your gym is one of the most effective ways to gain strength in your legs and lungs. While not being as easy as a walk and is pretty hard if you have bad knees. Even take the stairs instead of the elevator when you’re out and about to keep your workouts coming. Climbing stairs is one of the best cardio workouts you can do. Climbing stairs outdoors, in your home, or in the gym will get you to burn a lot of calories very quickly. While strengthening your leg, abdominal, and back muscles. Remember to keep proper posture and always cool down when doing high-intensity cardio workouts.


There are few to no workouts that are more strenuous than Yoga. There’s a reason Yoga has been one of the most popular workouts going back thousands of years. Currently used among people of all demographics and Yoga studios with instructors that people travel the world to see. Take it from someone who uses free weights for most workouts yoga is no joke you will feel the burn without feeling the pain. Using your muscles and body weight in positions that stretch muscles and relieve pain while burning calories is definitely a good workout. It was said that Bruce Lee only did workouts involving his own bodyweights like pull-ups and push-ups. It’s a nice workout because Yoga can be done from the comfort of your home or park on the grass, and with the help of online videos, you can really get good at this alone. Of course, signing with any number of Yoga studios around your local area is a great help for the one time you get developing your form.


Ever wonder why swimmers always seem to be in great shape? Swimming is one of the best low-impact exercises for your body. It may not seem like it but the. The workout uses every muscle you have. You might be surprised how few laps it takes to really get your heart rate up and the blood flowing. You will burn a lot of calories while getting the best full-body workout.

Now try CBD after these 5 Low-Impact Workouts and experience fantastic relief I recommend a bath bomb or a nice cooling salve on the spots you’ve worked out. Don’t forget about that post-workout recovery, you need rest but with CBD the ability to keep at it may be easier when less residual pain from working out is nourished.

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