My family including myself suffered from alignments that made some parts of life impossible. I was a skier who’d given up my life as one because my knee would lock up before I was 21. A couple years after that was when I first heard of CBD and I had made an LLC in spite of being let go from a Company after 6 years of supervising management. I took my connections and understanding of internal business and applied it to a product that saved my life. Since I found CBD I’ve been skiing an entire season, I’ve picked up basketball and gotten back into jogging. My mother’s fibromyligia is manageable and she can finally sleep. These facts kept stacking up against themselves until I knew what I wanted to do with my company Connected Healing LLC.

We tested a dozen CBD products from online to headshops and landed on three product lines that I personally think are the best on the markets. I’ve set this website up in hopes to sell it all only to find this isn’t a product people care to know about yet. I recieved help from a family and member and now I think the website represents the vision I originally had. CBD is a great product and I would classify it with Kava Root but the bennifits it’s serves with hard to manage seizure problems make it the pharmaceutical companies bread and butter. Since I’ve started we’ve gone physical at a kiosk for maximum exposure at Southwest Plaza in Littleton CO and have plans to expand to others once isn’t a fad and catches on. We offer more than just CBD we offer you the knowledge to make your own informed descion with CBD we have lots of liturature and continue to make it until the message is clear “CBD Trusted and Tested” is the only thing that makes it to our shelves.

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Alexander Hamilton