The Good and Bad of Pure CBD VS Pachamama CBD

Why choose a solvent-less CBD experience? Though our vendors are vetted before we bring them in and we make sure that the pure CBD we sell is free from harmful residual heavy metals, there’s no way to get all of the extraction process out of pure CBD. The 99%+ pure CBD options we carry are around 99.6% pure. .3% of this is converted into another chemical called CBDA, and the other .3% is every combined residual byproduct from the extraction.

These Products are still safe and fine for use

I’m saying this because I don’t want to sway you away from buying CBD isolate products, they have a lot of benefits if you have allergies or are being drug tested by your job.

Other Extraction Methods VS Pachamama CBD

CO2 extraction by NuLeaf is pretty close to solvent-less extraction as CO2 evaporates at a really high rate leaving almost no trace left behind. So NuLeaf is still a top contender for a clean full spectrum product. It’s hard to believe but to be solvent-less is really hard, even water is considered a solvent.

Pachamama CBD

Patchamama CBD is COMPLETLEY SOVLENT-LESS! They’ve developed an 80 patent pending extraction method that from what I was aloud to be told utilizes heat to extract everything from the hemp plant. They then use this in all of their products lines.

It’s been tested by US

When these product first came in I started testing their cooling ointment and I have to say it’s really nice. Most of the lotions and skin care options we have are combined with a heavy amount of mental or peppermint extract causing that extreme icy hot feeling. The Cooling Ointment is cooling but not like I’m used to, it’s very subtle and they have an Athletic Rub that is more of a body butter but it still works very well. I’m currently suffering from some turf toe due to a basketball injury I didn’t have time to completely heal from and I’ve done two applications of this product and I already feel the results.

There’s something for everyone here

Solvent-less extraction is pricey but if you don’t want to see things like Butane, Propane, Hexane, or even CO2 now there’s a really good option for you here. We want products for everyone and to make everyone happy with their decision to buy from us. We write these blogs so you know what’s happening in the CBD community and the innovations that come everyday. I’ve been in this industry for 7 years and not once had I heard of a solvent-less extraction method without water. This is truly an amazing product.