I would know this as I do try to sell this amazing product we all know as CBD. I sell this product, in a mall with median foot traffic and the amount of people who don’t know what it is or does astonishes me. Here at Connected Healing LLC we don’t make any product, we may introduce a few of our own lines down the road but we left the process up to the processors. The time I took to study and test product was about a year and the amount I found reputable was mind boggling (low).

I Test a lot of CBD

Company One (NuLeaf Naturals)

This one I work with are amazing as they continue to supply a product of quality and value at a price lower than most competitors. If you want an organic CO2 FULL PLANT EXTRACT from a genetic line that’s pure and patented then this dosed to the MG of hemp extract (24mg of CBD per 10 drops) product is for you. It starts at $38.95 for 240mg or $99 for 725mg and only $179 for 1425mg for a full spectrum that’s made using some of the safest extraction methods I’d say this one is a hit out of the ballpark. At those higher MG’s it’s one of the best pricing from a cost to ratio of $$ to MG for full spectrum CBD. It’s certified organic, they never make isolate and use a UV protecting on the glass to ensure it doesn’t degrade. It’s one heck of a company!

Company Two (CBD LIVING)

We sell a broad spectrum that’s on the expensive side as well. For all it’s worth they took the time to make a NANO CBD formula that’s proprietary blended and secret but I’ll be damned if doesn’t work. The extent of the product line is a little overwhelming but every product is great for what it is and doesn’t disappoint. I’ve currently been using their freeze in place of my normal freeze cream and the results are soon to come in another review but it’s an amazing product. All of these terms can be a little discouraging if you don’t know the lingo, or if CBD is something you’ve never heard of I have broken down Isolate Full spectrum and Broad Spectrum into little posts for people to understand what we’re talking about. Regardless these lines are hard on the pocket, but very effective.


When in my journey looking around thinking about testing but didn’t want to pay an arm and leg for it, it became expensively annoying and I learned a lot about companies to work with and the ones to avoid. Infinite CBD came up on one of my Isolate searches and with a line that’s bigger than CBD LIVING I knew I found home. For only $20 with shipping out the door I can get a five pack 25mg/piece (125mg of total CBD), Asteroids gummy, my daily use item as is delivered to your door. They use cannabis derived terpenes to enhance the CBD experience without any THC. They pride themselves on being able to make an effective product without the use or mention of THC. You’d probably be surprised how many people actually respond to that in a good way. I know when I woke up for my first day at a grass roots store that I’d be presenting facts that CBD works just fine on it’s own but a lot of people think that that .03% THC will get you high, it won’t. What I always ask first is “Do you get drug Tested?” or do you engage in the taking of any MMJ or Rec Products. The synergy effect is great and I know blind studies prove that it works better as a whole plant so if you’re already getting some whole plant in your system, then a full spectrum might be a little bit pointless overall. Isolate could actually expand the relief you’re already getting. The reason I ask about drug tests is because you can fail if you take a full spectrum long enough due to how the USA tests and the thresholds put in place. The fact that CBD and THC are fat soluble the metabolites can be detected for months if stored long enough. So long term use leads to an accumulation of the .03% THC and can cause a failed drug test. These aren’t just claims I’ve done my research and I’ve had people tell me stories as great as full spectrums are, some people can not risk it and this company is your friend for that reason but not that reason alone. CBD has functionality on it’s own it’s been and is being studied though the studies have just begun, we’ll see more evidence of it being a great substance in that regard.

Why I Wrote This

If you didn’t notice in the beginning I mentioned we are inside a mall! It’s amazing and I’m grateful for the opportunity but people are going to other one inside the same mall and scarred. Scarred of getting drug tested, worried about explaining what it is to your kids. I don’t mean to preach but Marijuana is legal in states I lost count of, meaning sooner than later you’re going to have to explain that you can easily grow a plant that’s a lot like alcohol without the toxic effects. Things are changing again in drug culture for the better so don’t shield yourself from the fear, empower yourself with the facts. Incase you missed the title or the bit up there saying there’s TWO CBD KIOSKS in the same mall. This is getting to my main point and what’s happening to the market. Self supplied CBD is bottlenecking. There’s way more makers of CBD than there are grassroots stores or even a shelf for the products and it’s starting to compound in a couple areas but the most official one is price. A company that relies on the distributions of product shouldn’t go out and try to sell it to the public unless the money is there. Online stores are cheap but if every company that made t-shirts decided to branch off and sell the shirts independently the amount of choices for a shirt store would overwhelm you. The amount of stores, companies, and reviews for CBD is insane, never have I seen so many people jump the gun on an industry and end up with backed stock and debt and no foreseeable way out. The establishment of companies happens quick and in the next year or two the count of CBD distributors will decrease dramatically and only the strong will stand, prices will finally start to level out to cost of time and product and not hype. We’ll finally have peace of mind within the CBD community.

A Tale of Caution

There’s been multiple companies that are well known that have come out with scandals from using synthetic cannabinoids to pesticide residue on a pesticide free product. These companies are not for me to name but to do research yourself right now, take whatever CBD your ingesting and look up reviews, ratings, and if they’ve been in a scandal involving something horrible like chemicals known dangerous just to make people gravitate toward their product. For me I took the time to make my playlist of CBD companies and NuLeaf ended up being my full spectrum suppler, CBD Living is a broad spectrum line that has a lot of product to choose from as well as my THC free isolate only Infinite CBD. CBD Living is pretty well known for their water and continues to release products of amazing quality innovate for the consumer level while maintaining a growing list of products all enhanced with Broad Spectrum Nano CBD. NuLeaf is probably the most organic thing I’ve seen as it’s a full plant extract with CO2 and they never even make isolate. Out of all three of the companies I work with currently only NuLeaf has a following outside of their neck of the woods.

The Future

The future of CBD will be like the future of anything and you will see companies get bought out or merged for access to knowledge, technology, or just because they got paid. You’ll see an influx of people who carry CBD only like I’m doing but we’ll begin to make the mark inside of places like malls or good located corner streets. GNC, Whole Food, ETC will begin to work with these companies and the more lab-coat looking CBD will flood places from Walgreens to Walmart. Companies will start offering it as an additive like Starbucks and Coca Cola have hinted at this year but I want to know what all of this looks like in 5 years. In my personal opinion the shape of CBD will take place and you’ll be left with slim choosing on brands similar to the MMJ-Prop 64 adjustment, there won’t be dispensaries on every corner. CBD will probably merge with it’s counterpart when companies like Dixie, WannaBrands, and Kief Kola start to take a big market share for themselves. The laws are funky for CBD and MMJ as you can’t sell a 100% CBD product in a Rec Marijuana setting due to it not having any THC in it. I think companies will move locations or put up walls and separate the business subletting it to themselves through another company that deals only in CBD allowing them to never miss a sale. With all of this comes price drops and producing costs go down I know my biggest expense is advertising because I’m not aloud to advertise anywhere, so if you do get an account working it’s usually around $1.50 a click/call. If hemp is really taken to it’s full potential you’ll see it drop into your everyday life from pencils to rope. The high amounts of oxygen produced by huge hemp fields will help with any CO2 problems we have if half of the farmers currently farming tobacco could switch to hemp. I think we can defeat global warming with simple science (plants eat CO2 for food).

In the End

The point in this article is to pass your own imagination. I’m curious where you think it’s headed what companies may end up on top or bought out. Do you think the state will start regulations like they do with MMJ or REC or is CBD ending up like Kava or sold on a shelf at health food store and at cool bars that have way too much light in the wrong places. Will there 15 brands that all look the same, and are probably all bottled and distributed by Coca Cola like every drink you see at King Soopers. We don’t know, but what we do know is that we face challenges everyday from support for payments and having to work in cash, to people in Texas raiding and arresting people because they didn’t read the news that CBD is legal. May 31st 2019 the FDA will announce their design for the CBD community and it could change everything. The SAFE act could legitimize us and let everyone out here work with banks without fear and obtain CC processors without fear of being kicked off or rerouting money through the EU. I hope you imagine good things for CBD’s outcome and I hope you take the time to check out our store and read about some of the products. We did a lot of footwork to bring great companies to a space they can be sold on together, thank you!