It’s was awesome! Around day 3 I really was starting feel the calmness that comes with CBD 

*for all it’s worth my go to is just 25mg of isolate in a delicious gummy and I’m about to go a week on Nano CBD Chocolate so a lot of reviews coming soon. 

I supply these chains so when I say something I mean it and I’ll tell you the truth. 

CBD has been proven to connect to your CB1 and CB2 receptors and it’s fact you can read about here, how on animals topically it’s been show to help with both types of arthritis.*

I personally don’t need a full spectrum as CBD has always just been extra sauce to my over all spread, I’m a avid user of isolate with terpenes, nano CBD water and cbd gummies.

I’ve tried three full spectrums I won’t name due to my unimpressed impression of them. Me landing on NuLeaf and CBD Living was just how it ended up.  Though CBD LIVING says full spectrum it is a broad spectrum still carrying no THC, it has the CBG’s and other cannabanoids relevant to the entourage effect.


I’ll start with quality for NuLeaf and it’s amazing consistency. Genetics are owned and patented so NuLeaf is NuLeaf and no one else can produce what they do. They have the GMO free stamp, and are certified organic from Colorado farms *Go Nuggets* This was an amazing product I don’t think a week is enough to show the true effects of a full spectrum product like this but I did my best. The week was fast I was a little hazy but focused and I got a lot done. I wanted my Nuleaf every day and I got it. When it was gone I was sad and that was a little funny to me. For reasons I’ll explain during the scores in a way but all in all I am not regretful I bought this and tried it as recommended.


Bottles that are UV  protected to diminish any degrading that may happen in the sun. They go above and beyond to dose the product perfect to the drop and dropper full and they never process any CBD oil. It’s a full plant extraction using CO2. All of this aiming at being the best full spectrum I’ve tried. 

5 out 5 for quality

I’ll mention my use as a medical patient to tell you that maybe there is synergy. Since I get my other cannabinoids else where, a full spectrum is over kill. $38.95 for 5ML, $99 for 15ml. On price to quality and mg 1425mg for $179 for a full spectrum. Thats awesome! Still can’t afford it 🙁

4 out of 5 stars.

I love this company and working with them and I’ve sold a couple small tinctures but the brand recognition that was promised has yet to fruit any results. I’ve gone 2 weeks and reviewed the product and I’m still waiting to be on the store locator, I’m google verified! Customer service is great and responsive but for a wholesaler who really needed a brand recognized item.

2 out 5 stars

Overall feeling and enjoyment of my time with the tincture is a 4 out of 5 mainly because it’s gone and to get another one I have to spend that $40 for a weeks worth of supply. Though if I spent the $170 for the big guy I’d be set for a month so that gives the price to cost ration a good rating.

4 out of 5

To Conclude

Is NuLeaf worth it? If you’re still scarred of the green rush and what it’s caused in certain states, the hemp bill making everything legal for hemp. This isn’t for you. It is something I would recommend to someone looking for the whole plant synergy who isn’t getting it. The other’s I’d recomend an isolate or broad spectrum.

If you’re getting your cannabinoids elsewhere or your job requires random tests you can not fail an isolate thc free product will spice up your day to day for sure. If you’re looking for what CBD and cannabinoids in general can do for you and your life try NuLeaf, if you like it, the genetic patent makes it so get the same thing every time.

Over all score 3.75 out of 5

This score is not to discourage anyone from trying it. I’m happy that I bought this for the review. My cost to benefit ratio isn’t the same as yours and you shouldn’t consider everything I say here as fact. This is opinion and I’d love for you to try NuLeaf as I have and tell us what you think! Score is subject to change if my store ever ends up on their website 🙂

Thank you for the read!