Reasons to drink Living Water


Living Water recently reposted a feature ‘3 things you can do with Living Water‘. No disrespect to Danielle Guercio but the articles’ focus seems narrow, in my opinion. I walked away from the article feeling as though I’d read a review of Aquafina. So, since this water has helped treat ailments I and others (including my mother) suffer from I felt it deserved acknowledgement. My mother has suffered from fibromyalgia for years and traditional medicine has failed her as long as she’s been diagnosed. She found true relief when she found every CBD product I’ve sourced. The benefits of this amazing product start but do not end here.

Why Buy Such Expensive Water

If you’re feeling a little sluggish towards the end of a long day, bust out a Living Water! They’re packed with Magnesium, potassium and a salt base. Alkaline water makes absorption of these easier for the body and makes for a perfect drink when very thirsty, early mornings or working out. In the case of money there are plenty of products on the market with a hefty ticket that don’t go a long way. If you’re in the gym one of these every other workout you’d only spend $114 for a little over a months’ supply.

Now packed with 10 million nano grams of CBD equal in part of 10 full mg of CBD each packed with the power of getting into your system up to 9x as fast there is really no match for another bio-available CBD product. CBD LIVING does this with all of their products and they continue to work on new products everyday. Broad spectrum products so you can have the benefit of every cannabinoid without any fear of THC making into your blood stream.

Minerals and Hydration

When your body is in full dehydration you can actually hurt yourself by just drinking water. This is due to your body expelling salts and minerals during either strenuous work or everyday life. Using something like coconut water before drinking water for hydration is a common method when in deep dehydration. With the added benefit of those minerals in your water you just need a half bottle of CBD Living water to hydrate safe a quick. The 10 million nano grams of CBD are in your blood before the water is in your stomach and some people describe a calming feeling after this has happened. For me my stomach is settled and my hydration is amazing, I use 1-5 bottles of CBD LIVING WATER a week.


I personally consume about a liter of Living Water per week. I go to sleep no later than 12AM but I’m up at 7 am for my 11 hour shifts at the mall. The aches in my knees subside as long I stick to my regiment. My GERD is also at bay with a little apple cider vinegar added to the mix. Anxiety levels and stomach problems are relieved almost as soon as this hits my stomach. I’ve never used a CBD product as much as I’ve used this one. I buy it by the case and it lasts me about a month I love the stuff and I’m so happy I’m able to buy it for the going rate.

Stay hydrated but also get take you minerals without taking handfuls of pills. There are lots more reasons to keep this product flowing in your daily routine these are just some of the best!

Don’t use health advice from the internet without consulting a medical professional first.