How are cannabidiol (CBD) laws changing and what does it mean for us?

  GW Pharmaceuticals has developed a medicine to treat rare, treatment resistant, epilepsy conditions. Currently, these conditions have scarce to no approved treatment options.

  Epidiolexi is the first medicine with the primary active ingredient of CBD. Therefore, GW leads the pharmaceutical industry with this proprietary oral solution. This solution contains purified hemp derived CBD. GW’s Epidiolex development has initially concentrated on two severe, early-onset resistant epilepsy syndromes.  These syndromes include but are not limited to Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS). The medicine is on the market for a staggering $32,000 a year without insurance. A dose of Epidiolexi contains 50 mg of CBD. Our CBD gummies  contain 25 mg per each gummy at a fraction of the cost. Therefore, do the math, ask for purity reports, and watch your wallet.

So what does this mean for the CBD industry?

Currently, there seems to be no negative  implications concerning the FDA’s approval. Although there was a collective sigh from CBD advocates, promise quickly turned to panic. We all collectively cringed as the realization that big pharma had its slimy hands on CBD with a look of greed in its eyes. Further observation will show GW’s nefarious intents concerning cannabis law. Last year GW waged war against South Dakota Senate Bill SB 95 which allows the sale of CBD products. Furthermore, GW worked tirelessly to amend the bill to restrict the sale of CBD products which were not FDA approved.

  All who work within the industry must be aware of what’s at stake. The lines and sides are distinctively drawn in my mind. They wish to exploit CBD for profit at the expense of the consumer. They don’t care about people and GW’s campaign to restrict the public’s access to CBD proves this.

 Misinformation and the 2018 Farm Bill

Although the passing of the Farm Bill to senate has proven to be positive for the hemp industry, we must not become complacent. The fight is far from over and in some ways, it’s just begun. The disinformation machine is in full gear, spewing a litany of lies. We anticipated companies like GW would tout their ‘superior lab quality CBD’ in retaliation. But, the current estate of affairs is quite ridiculous.

  In Debra Borchardt’s recent article on the 2018 Farm Bill she says, ‘[Epidiolexi] has a very high level of CBD, unlike the mass-market versions which have fairly low levels of CBD. Plus, patients know exactly what they are getting with the prescription drug. Consumers purchasing mass market CBD products generally have no idea how much CBD is in the product or how it was manufactured.’

  The level of misinformation within the above paragraph is staggering and indicative of the information war to come. The assumption that those within the CBD industry have no way to accurately dose is laughable. Technology to measure cannabidiol has been in place for decades and has only become more refined with the legalization of cannabis. Nancy Whiteman, founder, and CEO of Wana Brands said ‘Marijuana-infused producers have been perfecting precise dosing, testing, and supply chains for the past decade, and these companies will lead the way in the next generation of CBD products.” The quote is taken directly from Borchardt’s article.

The future looks a little brigther.

Consequentially pharmaceutical industry has begun to imply there is a lack of transparency within our industry. Surprisingly hey say we can’t be trusted due that lack of transparency with our products and extraction processes. Checkout the top of our home page you’ll notice a tab labeled ‘labs’, the link takes you here. There are scans of independent laboratory analysis for several of our products. Here are the warning letters and test results for Cannabidiol-related products from the FDA dating from 2015.

We’d like to reiterate that we use our own products on a daily basis and intend to do so for years to come. Therefore, we only source materials we would share with family and friends, just saying’.