How to Make Hemp Flower Butter

Needed: (crock-pot, butter, strainer, dried herb, and mold for butter)

In place of dried herb you can use a prepared CBD product. This will erase a lot of these steps and your dosage will be more accurate as determining the amount of CBD in a hemp flower is based on tests done to the flower. Prepared CBD products are rigorously tested and serving sizes are routinely checked for quality control.

  • Start with 1 LBS of the best unsalted butter you’ve loved since a child, and an OZ of your preferred dried herb.
  • Take your crock-pot and set it on the lowest setting.
  • Melt your butter all the way down and add 1 cup of water to the mix to keep the temp below boiling. It keeps your CBD/CBDG/THC/ETC from degrading.
  • Add desired amount of dried herb into your mixture. An OZ of dried herb contains 28,000 mg if dried properly. With a hemp flower rate of 15% CBD an entire OZ would give you  approximately 4200 mg in your butter which is around 1000 mg per stick.
  • If finding the right amount of CBD is hard you can opt to use either a CBD Isolate for exactly 1000mg per package or use a tincture you trust for accurate dosing. This however will change the entirety of this process. You will only have to allow the butter to melt down on a stove, preferably gas and not infrared, add the CBD stir and then pour it into a mold. Continuing on with use of hemp flower below.
  • Put the lid on and let your weed butter cook for 6-8 hours on the lowest setting on the crock pot. Remember to stir your weed butter to prevent sticking.
  • When you make hemp butter, never leave your butter unattended because there is a risk of fire.
  • Let your weed butter chill slightly because hot oils can give horrible burns.
  • You can use any strainer but I use hemp bags so I can really squeeze the liquid through and separate the plant material from the liquid.
  • Strain into desired container and let cool in fridge for 1-2 hours.
  • After you remove the butter from the fridge you will notice a change. The butter will have settled at the top of the water in the mixture. Take the block and flip it upside down and wipe off unneeded waxes gathered during cooling.
  • When melting the weed butter down for your butter mold remember to NEVER USE A MICROWAVE! Microwaves destroy all properties that are good in you freshly made weed butter!
  • Add to any dish, my personal favorite is just some toast and eggs!
  • That is how to make weed butter, click here for more uses for your delicious butter.