How were different from other companies?

The truth is, we aren’t much different. We decided to leave the all the hard stuff like processing products to the professionals, for now!

There are so many great companies with products from pure Isolate, infused terpene profiles, the wonders of Nano CBD, and your most basic products.

We have ideas in the cooker, but would rather showcase products that reflect the quality of what the industry has already produced.

Taking the time to review our lab reports and supply you not only good information but factual. We will never lie if you ask us for full potency reports. There’s a lot of companies that aren’t giving you the true pure CBD content.

Pride in ourselves for honesty of product, but also honesty of price. These products aren’t cheap but they aren’t as expensive as some companies would lead you to believe.

We only give highly recommended companies our business and shelf space. We’ve put in countless hours to study to find what is the most effective products out there. Case by case studies recommending not to use a low or full spec THC product  if you work in a field where that can get you fired.

I think we’re different because we care. We care because we’re saved from it and we care enough to only take whats right. We are connected with our companies for MSRP.  The rate at which people inflate the MSRP is a very dominate action in this industry.

We can almost guarantee that our Living Water pricing is the most competitive online, saving on average $2 per bottle even compared to Brick and Mortar, and our brick and mortar stays within those peramitors.

Thank you for everything and remember this is CBD Trusted and Tested By US